Why Does Menopause Cause Weight Gain?

Oh no! Menopause has come around. Many women ask, “Why does menopause cause weight gain?” Well look no further because this article has the answers. Unfortunately, menopause and weight gain come hand in hand. Listed below are five main reasons why menopause causes weight gain.

5 Reasons on why does menopause cause weight gain

Menopause and weight gain is quite common. Not only is it stressful with all the hormonal and psychological changes but the physical changes definitely do not help. Here are five reasons why menopause causes weight gain:

  • Age
  • Less physical activity
  • Kids
  • Change of hormones
  • Low metabolism


Unfortunately, as time ticks on so does our bodies. The older we get the more our body slows down. Pulse when people hit the ripe age of their 40s and 50s the average person has experienced quite a life. Life experience can also impact menopause and weight gain. As we get older, we experience some hard stresses of life which effect out lifestyle and life choices. Some of these choices can come back and affect you during menopause. Physically as the average woman ages, body fat also tends to drop from the top of the abdomen down to the bottom of the abdomen and hips.

Less Physical Activity

Finding the time for physical activity can be a challenge. Menopause definitely increases this challenge because of all the hormonal changes, making the body feel more fatigued. With less physical activity, this can increase weight gain during menopause and the risk of becoming obese.


The average woman’s body is never the same after pregnancy. So it comes as no surprise that the amount of kids you have had can also impact weight gain during menopause. The more kids you have had the more likely you are to gain weight during menopause.

Change of Hormones

There is a strong link between estrogen and weight gain. Menopause effects estrogen levels for the body no longer releases eggs to reproduce. The more estrogen levels drop the more weight is gained.

Low Metabolism

Metabolism is what makes burning off fat easier. The older we get, the lower our metabolism rate becomes. With a low metabolism rate, our bodies tend to store and hold onto more fat than it has when we were younger.

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