What Is The Best Exercise For Menopause To Lose Weight?

It is important to understand the NEW you during and after menopause. It is also crucial that you celebrate your beauty as more unique at these times. Mature women, even curvy ones, have an allure and attraction that you may not realize you possess. Try to be realistic about your weight loss goals.

New Core Strength

Many changes have occurred during the process of metabolism including the places that you store your fat, as well as your metabolism. Your belly and midsection is the place that most of your fat is now stored. Start off slowly as injury is not going to be as easy to recover from as it once was. Remember you are in this for the long haul. The best exercise for menopause to lose weight is always going to be the one that suits your lifestyle with the most ease.

Brain Storm

When you are thinking about your personal scenario and trying to work out the best exercise for menopause to lose weight, use a brain storming approach.

Start by thinking of the key areas that you are storing weight and ask yourself, “If I had no limits, what type of exercise would have the best effect on this particular area”. Be open minded at this point, list anything on your mind map and use bright colors to make it more fun. Then when you have listed every type of exercise that you can think of, come back with a new question while looking over your list, ‘Which of these are the best workouts for menopause to lose weight?’

The difference in the context is any of the exercises that are too vigorous may actually defeat the purpose. Don’t cross them out yet, let’s strategize.

Hopefully, you have put a big circle around the exercises that may not be the best fit as the best exercise for menopause to lose weight. Now we can look for variations of the same exercise that is more well-suited to both your slower metabolism and reduced energy. Find some variations that are less jerking in motion, so for example if you had jogging, replace it with speed walking.

The best exercise for menopause to lose weight might be:

  • Core fitness such as planks, sit-ups (not too many or too fast), step-ups, skipping, or star jumps. Try to hold your position for longer each time but you are not out to break records to don’t push too hard.
  • Yoga, especially near water as the aesthetically pleasing and peaceful look of water will help create natural endorphins to help with your hormonal balance.
  • Swimming is very good for you, especially if you can incorporate a routine in the morning. This is because your main focus on food should be before midday. Your biggest meal after menopause should always be in the morning, and dinner should be minimal, as your metabolism during the day will be better.
  • The absolutely best workout for menopause to lose weight is bicycle riding, as it focuses on the core and gets your heart rate up but can be increased and decreased according to your fitness level or potential injuries.

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