Weight Loss After Mirena Removal: Benefits and Side Effects

Mirena is an IUD (Intra-uterine device) that is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Keep reading to learn about its pros and cons and some information on weight loss after Mirena removal!Mirena IUD for weight loss

Mirena Benefits

Even though it creates some complications, Mirena IUD has many benefits reported by women.

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The following is a short list of Mirena IUD features women have found positive:

  • Mirena IUD can last from 3 to 5 years depending on the type you get.
  • It is a very effective form of contraception, being the number one prescribed IUD in the U.S.
  • Some women have experienced weight loss after Mirena removal and found this something positive.
  • In the first year, pregnancy rates are only 0.6 percent.
  • Mirena IUD is cost-effective if you’re going to use them for the entire duration.
  • It’s convenient because it’s not something women have to plan ahead or think about when having a sexual intercourse.

Mirena Side Effects

Despite Bayer’s suggestion that women who use Mirena will look and feel great, a large number of women have reported complications.

Some women reported having the device migrated from its original implant location.

According to Dr. Donato Borrillo, this migration may lead to uterine and organ perforation infections, development of ovarian cysts, and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

Other side effects several women have reported in forums include:

Weight Loss after Mirena Removal

When it comes to weight loss results AFTER Mirena removal, there are two types of women: some report losing weight really fast, while others report not being able to lose weight at all.

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Mirena doesn’t list weight gain in its consumer information, but trials have demonstrated that 5 percent of women experience weight gain while using Mirena.

This may be due to their increased appetite, hormonal changes, or other unrelated causes.

With a few lifestyle changes and some willpower, you can get your weight back under control and lose several pounds per month.

(Would you like to calculate how much weight you’re losing? Then check this post.)

Follow the tips below:
  1. Rule Out Other Causes of Weight Gain

Your weight gain may not be related to Mirena IUD. (Check this post about Mirena and weight gain)

Talk to your doctor about possible reasons for your weight gain. These can be hormonal changes, an underlying medical condition, pregnancy, or other numerous factors.

  1. Start an Exercise Program

There are many apps you can use for this. You can search on your iOS store or Google Play Store and find exercise programs designed especially for women, and they are totally FREE.

Commit to getting about 140 minutes of intense exercise a week.

  1. Try Strength Training Exercises

The American College of Medicine recommends you to do 8 different types of strength training exercises 2 times per week. Do this if you want to get a lean body and burn additional calories. (How to burn belly fat fast?)

  1. Watch Your Diet

Eat at home instead of eating at fast foods. Eat whole grains including brown rice and 100 percent whole pasta.

Add colors to your diet by eating vegetables and fruit salads.

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Keeping your weight or losing weight after your Mirena removal will depend on many factors like hormones, a medical condition, or pregnancy. (Learn how to lose weight after pregnancy)

Every woman is unique, that’s why some have reported a rapid weight loss with Mirena and other haven’t. Talking to your doctor is always the best thing to do.

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What has your experience with Mirena IUD been? Any severe issues related to weight gain or weight loss after IUD removal? Please share with us.

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