Is It Hard To Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

Is it hard to lose weight after pregnancy? Yes, it is hard, but not impossible.

Weight Gain after Pregnancy

Gaining weight after pregnancy is a common phenomenon among women. It is bad to stay that way, so there is every need to return back to the normal and return to healthy weight range for health benefits and the possibility of future pregnancy. To get back to shape or lose weight after pregnancy or childbirth is by regular exercise, breastfeeding, and eating of healthy or balanced diet.Is it hard to lose weight after pregnancy?

No Diet Crash for Pregnancy Weight Loss

After delivering your baby, the body system requires the right amount of nutrition to function and recover well. Biologically, a breastfeeding mother usually uses up more calories, so in turn, she would need foods with plenty of calories to replenish herself.

Foods having low calories are generally lack of essential nutrients needed to replenish the mother, and this can lead to loss of energy, leaving you feeling tired and weak. Tiredness and the general weakness of the body are not the things what a breastfeeding mother needs. It leads to negative factors like sleep deprivation that poses threat to her health.

If you are in a stable weight right now, reducing the daily intake of your calorie by about 500 can lead to expected, ideal weight loss of almost 500 grams every week.

Findings and studies have reviewed that such weight loss has little or no bad effect on the production of breast milk or the growth and development of the baby.

To increase your breast milk production, you can use fenugreek.

Begin Exercising

Exercise keeps the body functional and active, as it should be. With right exercise, you can improve your overall health. Exercise is a great option to burn excessive body fats and decrease sugar levels. So start exercising to reduce the risk of diabetes and other sugar-related diseases.

Stick on a healthy diet for steady weight loss

Just by hard exercising, you cannot expect a steady weight loss. To have the desired result in your weight loss journey, you must combine exercise with good and healthy nutrition.

Cardio workouts provide you with numerous health benefits. Several cardio workouts like jogging, walking, running, and cycling, and other types of sporting activities can help your body burn calories.

Many researchers have shown that it is not the vigorous or intensity of the exercise that typically matters in weight loss, but the rate of aerobic exercise helps in this regard, so going for walk alone can be of great help.

Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

Choosing to breastfeed the new baby can help you lose weight gained during the pregnancy. It can help you return to your normal shape before pregnancy effectively. It is proven that breastfeeding moms do lose weight way fast than to non-breastfeeding moms.

When you breastfeed the baby, there is a particular hormone released into the body leading to muscle contractions in the uterus. The uterus contracts and shrinks down each time when you breastfeed your baby. The uterus generally returns back to its original size (before pregnancy size) after six weeks of childbirth and the belly looks slim.

About 500 extra calories your body requires daily to produce the breast milk your baby needs. How will you get those extra calories?

You will get those extra calories from the daily food intake. And of course, from the stored fat in your body! When the stored fats are used up, you will lose the pregnancy weight, for sure.

Hope you have got the answer of your question. Losing weight after pregnancy is hard but possible. Right?

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