Is Constipation A Symptom Of Pregnancy?

During the pregnancy period, you can experience constipation. However, constipation is not a symptom of pregnancy. For some specific reasons, you get constipated during pregnancy.

What Causes Pregnancy Constipation?

 Common reasons of pregnancy constipation include:

  • Pregnancy hormone (Progesterone)
  • Vitamins supplements
  • Irons supplements
  • Pressure of the expanding uterus on the bowels

Pregnancy hormones slow down the muscles normal movement in your bowels. For that, foods you consume hang around longer time in your digestive tract. Therefore, the waste products create a traffic jam, and you get constipated!

In the pregnancy period, doctors generally suggest you to take vitamins and iron supplements along with other medicines (if necessary). These medicines might worsen your constipation level.

During pregnancy, your uterus is expanded, and it takes up more space, which is normally occupied by bowel. The result is- slower down of bowel movement. And finally, constipation. (Read this post about Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy)

When does constipation start in pregnancy?

Typically, it starts around second/third month of pregnancy. It mainly depends on the rising of progesterone level. The uterus grows as pregnancy progresses, and you might experience severe constipation.

What should you do if you’re severely constipated?

Yes, it’s a tough time for you! However, you’ve plenty of ways to get some relax. To ease your constipation, follow few rules given below.

  • Take fiber-rich foods: Adding fiber-rich foods (whole grain foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables) to your diet will help in elimination of waste. Here are some best foods to eat when you’re constipated and bloated.
  • Drink water and juices: Drinking plenty of fluids such as water (8-10 glasses daily) and fruits juice (1-2 glasses daily) will work better in constipation.
  • Do some mild exercises daily.
  • In the morning, take warm liquids (not caffeine).
  • Try to eat mini-meals several times instead of eating larger meals.
  • Talk to your doctor before taking any laxatives and stool softeners. Keep in mind that not all these medicines are safe for use during the pregnancy period.

If you’re continuously going through severe constipation, please call the doctor as soon as possible.

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