How to Increase Vitamin D Levels Quickly

Once you’ve identified that you’ve below normal vitamin D levels, it’s crucial that you find a way to solve the problem. How to increase vitamin D levels quickly will depend on a few key factors. Some of these are:

  1. The options available to you due to finance, location, and access to foods
  2. What type of job that you’ve, how often can you get outside
  3. Cultural components that may limit your ability to absorb sunlight
  4. The response time: How you react to changes in diet
  5. Your skin type, weight, and age

What is the good news?

Establishing normal vitamin D levels could be as easy as adding a few foods to the list, changing some old habits, and getting more sun. When you’re thinking of how to increase vitamin D levels quickly, make sure that you aim for doable things. Try eating one of these great foods:

  • Eggs
  • Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Don’t forget to eat the skin!
  • Tinned tuna or salmon
  • Cod liver oil, this is super rich in vitamin D!
  • Orange juice fortified with vitamin D
  • Yogurt and milk fortified with vitamin D
  • Sardines, tinned or fresh
  • Cooked beef, or liver
  • Cereals fortified in vitamin D

Essential Sunlight

Food absorption of vitamin D is a great way to aim for a new normal of vitamin D levels, but the tried and tested way to increase vitamin D levels quickly is natural sunlight.

Earlier we described certain groups that may have trouble with this.

How to increase vitamin D levels quickly when you work underground?

Miners are one of the top groups identified as experiencing vitamin D deficiency. One solution of increasing vitamin D levels quickly is that when you’re on night shifts, you be certain to sit outside to eat your breakfast. There should be the opportunity for some outside sun time both once finished your shift (before you sleep), and again after your sleep. Spend at least 10 – 20 minutes outdoors.

One cultural group that may struggle to maintain normal vitamin D levels, and find it hard to work out how to increase vitamin D levels quickly is the women from Islamic or similar cultures. When you’ve to cover from head to toe with clothing as a part of your culture, it’s really hard to find a way to get enough sunlight. Maybe there is an appropriate courtyard that you can obtain permission to uncover long enough to get the sunlight that you need?

Whatever your vitamin D personal challenges are, be patient with yourself and be creative in thinking of solutions outside the box.

Be tested regularly and if your normal vitamin D levels are below average, look for a vit D supplement.

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