How to Get Bowels Moving After Surgery

There is nothing worse and stressful than having to have surgery. Then on top of that, you become constipated! Have no fear and look no further, here are a few ways on how to get bowels moving after surgery and what foods to eat for constipation after surgery.

Ways to Get Your Bowels Moving!

These are a few ways on how to get bowels moving after surgery:

How to Get Bowels Moving After Surgery

What foods to eat for constipation after surgery

This one can be a tricky one because depending on the type of surgery, you have had and what medication you were prescribed, may impact what foods you can eat. Some surgeries require you to eat non-solid foods. This can be a problem for foods high in fiber help clean out the bowls.

It is useful to check with the doctor first, but in most cases, eating high fiber foods such as multigrain bread, whole meal cereal, vegetables, beans, and fruit (preferably prunes) can help clean out the bowels, making bowl movements more easy and pleasant. If this is not possible to eat, there are also supplements you can buy.

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Drink Plenty of Fluids

Drinking plenty of fluid helps reduce the risk of constipation. The less fluid you drink the harder the stool may become which can cause a blockage in the bowls. This is why drinking plenty of water is a good start to relieving constipation.

\Drinking plenty of water flushes out the system and can soften stools, and keeps the body healthy and hydrated. If the doctor recommends minimal fluid intake after surgery, another option are electrolytes.

Be Active!

If you feel comfortable and the doctor gives you the all clear, the best thing to do after surgery is to walk around the room to get those bowels moving. It is hard to do your usual daily activities post-surgery; however, lack of activity can cause constipation. In fact, the body needs to be active in order to make bowel movements. (Here are few best foods that stimulate bowel movements)

Stool Softeners

If all above are failing or you are suffering from server constipation, another option are stool softeners, also known as laxatives. You can buy stool softeners over the counter from a pharmacy. Make sure you check with your doctor first before consumption.

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