How Much Vitamin D During Pregnancy Is Recommended?

Pregnancy is a delicate stage in a woman’s life where everything needs to be done with precaution, care, and doctor’s recommendation. After all, it’s a process of bringing life to this world so it’s no surprise that everything a pregnant woman is carefully observed. What kind of foods does she eat? How much does she exercise? What are her vitamin levels? And so on.

Speaking of vitamins, a question that lingers with many pregnant women is how much vitamin D during pregnancy is recommended.

Seeing as the primary source of vitamin D is sunlight, many people mistakenly write it off as something that just takes care of itself. However, when pregnancy is in question, a majority of health experts agree that pregnant women are at risk of vitamin D deficiency and should supplement with vitamin D rich foods during pregnancy.

How much vitamin D during pregnancy is the right amount? And what are the best food supplements for vitamin D?

How much vitamin D during pregnancy is the right amount?

Normally, the standard amount of vitamin D absorption varies depending on the level and time of an individual’s exposure to the sun. However, a general scientific consensus cedes that the sun does not provide us with the optimal level of vitamin D our body requires. Add the fact that prolonged exposure to the sun is harmful to our health, then you’ll understand why many scientists believe people should supplement.

The question of how much vitamin D during pregnancy was answered by a recent scientific study, which advised women to maintain a vitamin D level of up to 4000IU (international units) through supplementation with vitamin pills and consumption of vitamin D rich foods during pregnancy.

What foods are rich in vitamin D?

A large variety of foods contain traces of vitamin D and can contribute to bridging the gap of vitamin D deficiency from the sun. With that being said, there are certain foods which are predominantly rich in vitamin D and are as follows;

These are just some of the rich vitamin D sources pregnant woman can consume. It’s advised to always consult doctors for the best ways to keep vitamin D levels up, maintain a healthy pregnancy, and deliver a healthy baby.

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