Home Remedies for Hair Growth and Thickness

Your hair is your crown, and having healthy, beautiful hair is a status symbol in most societies. But what can you do if your hair grows very slowly? Are there any fast home remedies for hair growth and thickness? Let’s discuss about homemade tips for hair growth faster.

Many products claim that they include fast hair growth secrets, but these products are often expensive. Here are some home remedies for hair growth and thickness that may help you get the luscious locks you’re dreaming of.

Hair Care Tips

Healthy hair needs some TLC, and these home remedies for hair growth will help you to keep your hair free from damage and growing strong.

Make your own hot oil treatment to condition and nourish your hair at home. Apply some warm olive or coconut oil to damp hair and scalp and wrap with a warm towel. Leave for a few hours (or overnight) before washing with a gentle shampoo. This will leave your hair and scalp conditioned and in excellent condition.

Limit Heat Styling

Limit heat styling, let your hair dry naturally and use a little bit of your normal conditioner as a styling aid (apply a small dot of conditioner to damp hair before styling and work it through with your fingers).

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Don’t wash your hair every day and use a gentle baby shampoo to cleanse hair without harsh chemicals. You can also make a natural shampoo at home with only a few ingredients and instructions from Pinterest- there are loads of variations for different hair types.

Use Conditioner

Never skip using conditioner when you’ve washed your hair, and always rinse hair in cool water to help close the hair shaft and smooth the hair to prevent damage.

Swop out cotton pillow cases for silk ones to reduce friction, braid hair in a loose braid before heading off to be to reduce snagging and use a wide-toothed comb to untangle hair before brushing.

Get your hair trimmed regularly. This will help to keep it strong and free from split ends which may cause your hair to become more damaged over time, losing more length than you want to!

Hair Growth Tips

Use some of these simple home remedies for hair growth to encourage your hair to grow longer, quicker!

Add Bergamot Essence to your conditioner, it smells fantastic and stimulates hair follicles to aid in growth.

Massage your scalp regularly to encourage blood circulation and to stimulate hair follicles.

Make a hair mask from 1 banana (mashed), ¼ cup Greek yogurt and 1tbsp honey. Apply to hair and leave in for 10 minutes, then wash hair as normal. These ingredients help to nourish, smoothen and strengthen your hair.

After conditioning hair, rinse and apply a can of beer to your hair. Gently work through hair before rinsing off and styling as usual.


Hair growth starts within and a healthy, nourished body is needed for strong, beautiful hair. These home remedies for hair growth focus on making good dietary choices to help hair grow naturally.

Be sure to drink enough water and follow a healthy diet to ensure the best possible health for your hair. Don’t overindulge in alcohol, as this is very dehydrating to your body and may worsen hair that’s already weak and brittle.

Vitamin E is an essential aid in hair growth. This list of home remedies for hair growth won’t be complete without reminding you to include it in your diet. Foods that are high in Vitamin E include almonds, avocado, peanuts, spinach, tuna and salmon.

The Bottom Line

If you take good care of yourself, and you treat your hair kindly, half the battle is already won. By following these hair growth tips, you’ll have healthy looking hair that is strong enough to grow beautifully.

Which of these tips are you going to try today?

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