Healthy Low Calorie Meals for Weight Loss on a Budget

We all give importance to our body weight. Who doesn’t, right? But as much as we want to have a healthy low calorie meals, sometimes the wants to divulge in eating meats, sweets, and foods that are high in cholesterol are more tempting especially that chefs for most restaurants/diners are not health enthusiasts. But there are also diners that served healthy low calorie meals for weight loss to people who are health conscious.

It might be a little expensive but if you’re really into diets then you really have no option, unless you make your own.

Well, no worries, I’ve jot down some healthy low calorie meals for weight loss on a budget.

  1. Teriyaki Salmon with Veggies

healthy low calorie meals for weight loss recipeYou can include this in your diet plan – something yummy but healthy. Instead of using the regular meat (chicken), I’ve decided to have the salmon instead (you can buy this on markets, which is way cheaper than in malls).

Then add broccoli and carrots, and of course the teriyaki sauce.

You may pair it with brown rice or rice noodles, whichever you preferred.

And voila! – A healthy meal on your plate packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

  1. Veggie Curry (Butternut squash, Chickpea & Kale)

Not your ordinary curry. Go into your backyard and check if you’ve these vegetables – Butternut squash, Chickpea, and Kale.

If you don’t, then run to your local markets and buy a few of them.

Just add coconut milk, fish sauce/chicken stock, and curry paste.

Combine together, and it will give you a healthy low calorie meals on a budget.

  1. Mussels with Zucchini Noodles

Now, if you’re into seafood, you can try cooking curry mussels with coconut milk.

Mussels are good if you’re planning a healthy low calorie meals for weight loss.

It’s an excellent source of minerals like zinc and magnesium that helps speed up weight loss. To make it more appetizing, serve it with zucchini noodles.

A little experiment and you now have a healthy satisfying meal.

  1. Burrito Veggie Bowl

I’m so excited to share to you a fresh burrito that is healthier and 100x tastier.

You don’t need to be vegan just to eat this – all veggies, no meat burrito.

All you need to prepare are fresh veggies like lettuce, beans, cilantro leaves, tomatoes, avocado, or you can add more if you want.

Preparing for healthy low calorie meals for weight loss is not difficult. And there is also no excuse not to have something that is deliciously yummy but healthy.

Use your creativity and ransack your kitchen. Mix and combine veggies and meats to have a healthy meal on your plate.

Check this to get more low calorie meal ideas for weight loss.

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