Can I Lose Weight After Menopause?

It can seem so frustrating to gain control over your weight after menopause. Everything is different, your body shape, your energy levels, potential injuries, and worst still the hormonal imbalance that leaves you confused in facing the perilous question, can I lose weight after menopause?

Yes, absolutely you can!

Let’s start by reframing your mindset. You should not be asking, “Can I lose weight after menopause?” Rather than this, try to think about the best way to approach losing weight after menopause. It is a relatively simple change to the same point, but an important one. Unobtainable goals are frustrating, asking ‘can I’ implies that you can’t. Asking ‘how do I now’ when approaching your weight loss goals makes it more doable.

Map out what the parameters

Can I lose weight after menopause now means what am I up against in my desire for losing weight after menopause. The absolutely best place to begin is in mapping out where your hormones are up to. Easy blood tests and monitoring from your doctor will help with this. Next, it is a great idea to pay attention to new types of exercise that are not too damaging or high impact. Facing the fact that things are different now is important; you don’t want to throw yourself into high impact sports too quickly because injury can really sabotage your weight loss goals.

Pay attention to your body

Can I lose weight after menopause must be pre-empted by the more important concept, what is my new body shape? A woman’s body dramatically changes in the natural way that it houses fat after menopause. It is important that you respect the new body that you have. Don’t aim for the flat belly or six pack straight away, your thighs and buttocks are going to be ‘thicker’ than they were, and that is OK too. Older women can still look elegant, glamorous, and amazing. Try to control the weight rather than aim for being skinny.

Make it Fun!

Losing weight after menopause should involve these important points:

  • Social interaction with other women in the same age bracket, for example get a walking group together and be sure to walk somewhere pleasant.
  • Beach or water. Whenever possible incorporate exercise near water, as it is known to release endorphins that are super good for creating a balance in your hormones.
  • Be kind to yourself. Make sure that you allow a few good treats, don’t be too hard on yourself, it is very difficult to maintain the right weight after menopause, just do your best.
  • Use low impact sports such as swimming, yoga, walking.

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