7 Natural Remedies for Congestion – Clear Up the Mucus Now!

Natural remedies for congestion - ChestChest congestion is an uncomfortable cold symptom that we all hate.

Having a heavy chest and breathing hardly can interfere with your daily activity, that’s why we came up with these natural remedies for congestion, so you can breathe freely and get back to normal.


Try these natural remedies for congestion
  1. Drink liquids

The first one in the list of natural remedies for congestion is drinking liquids. But why?

Hydration is important when your chest is congested, especially hot or warm liquids will help you, as they will thin the mucus, and help relieve your respiratory system. Recommended liquids are tea, chicken soup, water, and warm apple juice.

  1. Honey

A 2007 study has shown that honey has the best results when it comes to coughing and chest congestion. This is the most accessible form of home remedies for chest congestion since honey can be store-bought, plus it tastes good!

  1. Essential oils

Some essential oils can help ease the mucus. The results of a 2001 study showed that vaporized essential oils could stop development of the bacteria that cause respiratory infections. You can diffuse the oils, or apply them topically.

  1. Liquorice

Liquorice tea is a traditional and natural treatment for numerous diseases. Fortunately, it’s great for loosening and eliminating the mucus from the respiratory tract and from the chest. It contains a substance called glycyrhizic acid which makes it one of the best natural remedies for congestion. It was used in Ayurvedic tradition and ancient Egypt.

  1. Salt

Salt (sodium chloride) is great for breaking down the mucus, making it easier for yourself to breath. Mix salt with water in a glass and gargle it at the top of your throat for a few seconds. It can also help with throat inflammation. Surely, the salt will make the congestion go away.

  1. Hot shower

When you shower, the hot steam emanated by the water is inhaled through your nose, dissolving the mucus, and clearing the throat. You can also fill a bowl with hot water and keep your face above it. It works the same way.

  1. Sleeping pattern

While you sleep, try to put some extra pillows under your head. In that position, the mucus in your throat is going to be forcefully drained down. Getting a good night’s sleep is good for your health in general, but fortunately is also a good natural remedy for congestion.

Final note

In conclusion, there are many alternatives to natural remedies for congestion, but in this article, we’ve presented you the most accessible and affordable ones. We hope that we helped you alleviate your congestion, sore throat, and maybe other affections.

Beware to visit a doctor if these methods fail and you notice your situation worsening.

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