6 Low Cost Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss At Home

There is nothing more rewarding than getting in shape. Your eating habits, sleeping patterns, even ease of breathing will all benefit within a week or two of getting started. Cardio workouts for weight loss at home are simple to create, save you money as there is no need for equipment or gym fees, and can be a more comfortable way to get started in your ultimate health goals.

Weight loss cardio workouts can be jazzed up or toned down from the comfort of your own personal space. Always listen to your body, especially when you are starting out, if you feel the need to slow down then do so, preferably without stopping!

So, the big question is, how can you create high yield yet low cost cardio workouts for weight loss at home? With ease! Here are some great tips to get you going. Remember mix it up, always have fun, and find your rhythm!

High yield but low cost cardio workouts for weight loss at home
  1. Jumping Jacks

Tried and tested, always a winner, this is one of the easiest cardio workouts for weight loss at home because you can apply it anywhere, inside or out. Plyo-Jacks offers you an alternative to step out rather than jump, and you can always use a step or two-step up and jazz up the process. When you are feeling totally comfortable with the routine, add a medicine ball to enhance upper body strength.

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What Will You Need For Jumping Jacks?

Decent shoes, a strong surface to jump on, a few good tunes, and an attitude of fun.

Jumping Jacks is a high impact weight loss cardio workout, watch those joints, always try to land gently, and keep up the water. You are burning up 100 calories every 10 minutes, so feel proud of yourself and get jumping.

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How to Do

Simply start with your feet together, then jump them out, maybe start at shoulder width then aim to stretch wider. As you jump your legs out, use your arms in a windmill style to create circles, don’t jerk your muscles, rather create smooth circles, it should feel good in your shoulders.

  1. Jump Rope

Already you can see just how easy it is to create cardio workouts for weight loss at home, I’m quite sure you’ve ideas buzzing. Again an oldie, but a goodie, Jump Rope is easy to do and requires nothing more than the investment in a skipping rope. You may find soon, as your confidence grows, you’ll be taking your skipping rope to the park, or the beach, pretty much anywhere!

What Will You Need For Jump Rope?

Good shoes is a must, don’t risk blowing an ankle or other problems associated with cheap shoes. Find a spot in the garden if you can, but if not, make sure you have plenty of room overhead and a strong floor.

How to Do

Be sure to use your wrists to turn the rope up and over your head, making a half loop, learn to catch the precise moment the rope connects with the ground, then jump just enough to clear the rope. Don’t over accentuate the jump, this way it will be easier to clear the next one. Using ‘diddy’ or rhymes can help you get a great beat going, this makes it easier to feel when the next circuit is coming. Try playing your favorite tunes for the ultimate fun. Weight loss cardio workouts should always be fun, especially when you know that you are burning 220 calories in 20 min, such as you do with Jump Rope.

Be patient with yourself. It looks easy but can be frustrating at first. Just slow the process down until you get the hang of it and before long you will be a pro! Remember this is also a high impact activity so take care when you land to do so gently and take care of those joints.

  1. Jogging On The Spot

Possibly the easiest cardio to add to your daily life, this one can be done anywhere, requires nothing more than a good floor and correct footwear. A tip for you when you start is to be certain that you warm up. You can do this by marching on the spot first, then move into a jog. Stay at a pace that feels comfortable, try to lift your knees up and stay balanced with feet under shoulders.

It’s suitable to do anywhere

This form of cardio exercise is not only amazing for weight loss but suitable to do anywhere. You can use this when you need a break from the computer, or during short breaks at work to get the blood going. It can be low impact (when marching) or high impact, this depends on how much vigor you apply. As with all exercises, it’s again important to select the right shoes.

Use Jogging On The Spot to create your own Cardio Circuit. Alternate 30 – 60 seconds of Jumping Jacks, Stepping, or Jump Rope with the same amount of time jogging on the spot. For a Strength Circuit, you can use pushups, sit ups, squats, lunges or dips. Aim for a total workout time of 10 – 30 minutes.

Now that you are really stepping up with three cardio workouts for weight loss at home, let’s give you one that will challenging you. Be encouraged, it will get easier, be sure to persist!

  1. Burpees

A burpee begins in the squat position, from here jump to the planking position, then back up to your feet again. Yes it will definitely be tricky at first, but this exercise engages a multitude of muscle groups and is a really effect cardio workout for weight loss. For a Cardio Circuit, these can be the combination exercise to add to the aforementioned jogging on the spot. The Strength Circuit, again using pushups, sit ups, squats, lunges, or dips might be harder to master with burpees in place of the lighter exercise of jogging, but you will see amazing results very quickly so give it a go.

Remember to mix it up

Variations of burpees are only as limited as your imagination. Try adding gear like the medicine ball, gliding discs and when you are starting out replace the jump with a step back into plank.

This one is definitely a high impact exercise, again select the best shoes for the job, think of that 100 calories in 10 minutes and watch the joints.

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Well done, you have now mastered several great cardio workouts for weight loss at home! Let’s add a couple of easy and effective exercises that you can use to enhance your workout experience.

  1. Mountain Climbers

Called such because they are great in expansion of the diaphragm and get the heart pumping, just like a mountain climber!

How to Do Them?

Begin at a push up position and run your knees in and out from there. You can variegate the speed and number of steps taken for a more effective workout. The wrists are under pressure in this high impact routine, be mindful to check them regularly and if required use strapping. Mountain Climbers are great for core strength and developing strength in the shoulders. Get creative with variations of this exercise; you can turn it into the Mountain Glider by using paper plates or towels. Try alternating legs to jump in or out, the Mountain Hopper perhaps?

  1. Squat Jumps
squat jumps- cardio workouts for weight loss at home

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Start in the squat position and jump up as high as possible. Start with smaller jumps and build up strength as you get higher. You might like to practice holding your arms straight in front of you to include upper body strengthening, especially for the upper arms and shoulders.

Squats are superior for hamstring development but it is a high impact exercise so please be sure to warm up with a few good stretches first. Again, always use the shoes for the job, particularly in exercises that see you landing down, always try to land softly.

Squats are especially great for developing lower body strength when used in conjunction with 3 – 5 lower body exercises such as lunges, deadlifts or squats. They will increase the power and effectiveness of your routine. Of course, squats are perfect for combination with jogging on the spot or marching for that Cardio Circuit!

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