10 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey You Must Know

We have known how to take advantage of honey to treat various health problems in life. Honey, a product produced by bees after gathering flower nectars from plants, is considered to be extremely powerful in healing several humans’ complications from alleviate scalp, skin allergies to treating cough and even diabetes. The following texts will focus on several health benefits of honey to humans.10 Health Benefits of Honey

10 Health Benefits of Honey

01. Honey and Diabetes

Health specialists have recently implemented an experiment to find out the health benefits of honey on diabetic patients. The result of this study indicates that after 8 weeks consuming honey can provide beneficial effects on blood lipids of diabetic patients. However, since a rise in hemoglobin level was seeable, the careful feeding on this food by diabetic patients should be in line with doctor’s guidance.

02. Honey during Pregnancy

It is evident that honey is regarded as effective fix to a variety of health problems. Likewise, if mothers in pregnant stage consume sufficient amount of honey following doctor’s guideline, they will derive much benefit from such kind of food. Honey contains natural antibiotic substances that help boost the mother’s resistance to the infection of any external and epidemic diseases, which is also good for the embryo as well.

03. Honey for Cough Treatment

A study on children in 2007 conducted by professors from Penn State University of Medicine showed that buckwheat honey could promote the diagnosis for cough suppressant and made children sleep well at night. Another study involving in children of the age of one to five, with nighttime cough because of minor colds, showed that the children who drank a tiny spoon of honey before going to bed coughed less, and slept more soundly than those who did not consume honey.

04. Honey for Acne or Scalp Complications

Scientists carried out a study on how honey can heal human’s skin problems. They implemented the study on patients involving in dermatitis and dandruff. The attendees were asked to use honey dissolved with ten percent of warm water and pasted on their broken skin patches, then left it for approximately three hours. As a result, the ulcers on these participants soothed only after one week, and the scars vanished after two weeks, they also witnessed the alleviation in the loss of hairs. Learn here about How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Naturally

05. Honey for Sore Throat

As mentioning above, recent medical studies show that honey is useful for soothing health problems related to coughs as well as sore throats. When drinking a suitable amount of honey before sleeping, patients can rapidly release the cough and heal the rafts in their throats.

06. Honey Alleviates Hair Loss

Honey is extremely useful to people who suffer from hair loss by utilized it diluted with warm water and resining on the skin areas where the hair loss occurs.

07. Honey for Allergies

Many people contend that honey is capable of treating seasonal allergies, but it is not scientifically proven that honey is able to alleviate skin reaction. However, it is true or not, honey can be tasted deliciously.

08. Honey on Face and Women Beauty

Since honey has the ability to baffle bacteria, it is commonly used in home beauty treatment. It is also said to be an effective way to keep women skin moisturized and nurturing contributing to making them more beautiful.

09. Honey for Blood Sugar Regulation

Although honey includes natural sugars that are different from white sugars or artificial sugars produced in manufacturers, its chemical ingredient helps efficiently moderate blood sugar levels in human beings.

10. Honey Helps Fuel Athletic Activities

Our ancient ancestors knew to eat honey to help out perform their athletic performance. This has been proven by modern medical studies. The reason is that honey consists of chemical composition aiding in remaining glycogen levels and shorten recovery time than other sweeteners.

The Bottom Line

We have seen just 10 benefits of honey to human. Even though honey brings about a variety of health benefits for people so far, the use of honey products should be based on any certain instructions or experiences available in order to effectively take advantage of the effects of it as well as to avoid any harms to human health.

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